Hiking in Tanzawa

I’d been in a bit of a spiritual funk recently, so yesterday, I decided to go for a hike to spend time in God’s beautiful creation, listening to whatever He had to say.

I came upon this dried-up mountain stream. Leastways, it looked dried-up—none of the stones on the stream bed were wet. But I could still hear the unmistakeable murmur of running water coming up from somewhere under the surface. And I felt the Holy Spirit saying to me: “I am flowing in and through you. Even when you can’t see it.”

From Sannoto, looking out over Tanzawa’s main ridge. The course was 19 kilometers (about 12 miles) long, with a cumulative elevation gain of 1,382 meters (4,534 feet) and a cumulative elevation loss of 1,857 meters (6,093 feet). The climbing is easy if you’ve got the heart, but the descent will destroy your knees.

Poor Kshitigarbha: lonely and cold.
Tanzawa’s main ridge is pretty rocky and the vegetation isn’t so thick, but this was one of the greener areas.
Delicious spring water near Mt. To’s summit. I don’t usually drink spring water, because I’ve heard you can get parasites, but my canteen was empty and I didn’t want to get dehydrated. I didn’t regret my choice. Somehow the water tasted rich, like an ent draught, almost.
On the ridge connecting Mt. To to Mt. Nabewari. There were a lot more trees around here, compared to on Tanzawa’s main ridge.
A very picturesque tree, near Mt. Nabewari.
Tanzawa is interesting in that the nature feels very deep but you’re not very far from the city. You can’t see it because of the shallow depth of field, but behind these trees lay the city of Hadano.
Cherry blossoms blooming a tad later than in the lowlands.
Fractals: one of God’s favorite design elements.
Spring has touched the mountainsides.
Baby greens.
Fresh spring leaves on a maple.
These two trees kinda looked like they were celebrating.

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