Pilgrimage to Kōzu-shima: Part Two


It has been nearly a month since I came back from Kōzu-shima. Still, a day doesn’t go by in which I don’t think back to my two weeks there. The time I spent on the island was like a rich spiritual feast. And the thing about feasts is that they require some digesting. That is my excuse for why this post has been so long delayed: I have needed the time to think. My time on Kōzu-shima resulted in 80 pages of notes and I have been processing these notes since coming back, trying to distill the essence of what I learned on my pilgrimage.
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Pilgrimage to Kōzu-shima: Part One


On April 22nd, I left for a two-week journey to get away from distractions and to spend some time alone with God. As the destination for my adventure, I had chosen Kōzu-shima: a small, volcanic island 170 km (106 miles) south of Tokyo, in the Pacific Ocean.

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